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Green Day in Neukirchen

Hardly anyone expected so much garbage

Following the World Cleanup Day, our student representatives had the idea to carry out such an action in and for Neukirchen. For this purpose, the community was divided into eleven areas, so that each class had its own place of action.

Equipped with 5 large 120-liter garbage bags each, the classes set out on March 22, 2023. At the beginning, no one had any idea that these would not be nearly enough. In total, about twelve cubic meters of garbage were collected, from paper and glass to car tires, baby carriages and lots of scrap metal. Even the mayor, Mrs. Liebald, who supported and endorsed this action, was very surprised by the large quantities. Our students were also amazed and shocked at how much trash they found and were happy to have done something good for the environment.

Special highlights on this day were curious found objects, such as a bathing stove, steel garbage cans and a detour sign. Sophie from class 10b was awarded by the principal for finding a bell clappers. In addition, Max K., Max T., Felix and Jason from class 10a, Niklas from class 10b and Helene from class 7a received special recognition in the form of a trophy for their special efforts in the Pleiße.

We would like to thank all students and colleagues for their great commitment on this day. We would also like to thank the Neukirchen building yard for their support in transporting the waste and the waste management association of the Zwickau district for taking care of the waste disposal.

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