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All-day offerings

All-day offerings

in the current school year

Creative design

Crafting, painting, gluing, cutting - whether with a template or your own idea - the GTA is the right place for all students who want to live out and improve their creative imagination.

It's me!

We deal with questions like: Who am I? What makes me? 2. what do I want for myself in my life? It is about strengthening one's own personality and successful togetherness.

School radio

We create reports, interviews, and music segments, which are edited, cut, and put together using our great school radio equipment. If you would also like to get involved with this or try your hand at being an announcer, come join us.


Are you interested in robotics and want to learn how to build and program a robot? Then sign up for our robotics GTA.

Student volume

We make music together with different instruments and singing. Our highlights are events such as summer or Christmas concert. We are happy about everyone who wants to bring and develop his musical talent with us.


Everyone who likes to sing is welcome in the GTA choir. You don't need any previous experience - just come and join us.

Model making

Here you can use and improve your craft skills. We make small and large workpieces with various materials, tools and machines.


With us you can shape and design small works of art from clay with your hands or with the help of a potter's wheel. There are no limits to your creativity and imagination.

Sports games

We think sports are a good way to balance out the school day. If you also enjoy exercise and playing sports together, then Sport frei.

Happy Nature

At the GTA, the focus is on working in and with nature. You learn with us everything about the care of plants, but also about the handling of garden tools.

The two-wheeler wrenches

If you've always wanted to know how to change a bike tire, check out our GTA. Whether it's a bike or a moped - everything is put under the microscope here.

School Club

The school club is an open offer. We play and learn different card games, watch movies together, work on the school chronicle, cook together or go on trips. There is a colorful program where there is something for everyone.

Certificate course English and Spanish

As an extension of regular classes, the course aims to build on existing skills and acquire additional knowledge with the goal of obtaining the Telc language certificate at levels A1/A2/B1 in English and A2/B1 in Spanish.

Support offers

For all students who need support, we still offer the following support GTAs: LRS help, homework help, English conversation.

Concept & Financing

All-day activities are held regularly at our school.

This measure is co-financed with tax funds on the basis of the budget passed by the Saxon state parliament.

The pedagogical concept as well as other necessary GTA documents for the current school year are published on the school portal Saxony.

Language diversity

We translate our web pages with an extension that creates an automatic translation using the latest software.

For this reason, we cannot guarantee a perfect and error-free translation.